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15% of adults in Wales still not online.

As we approach this festive time of year, incredibly 15% of adults in Wales still can’t use the Internet. That’s nearly one in seven people who are being held back from reaping the benefits we all take for granted at this time of year from being online:

  • Saving time and money by Internet shopping.
  • Seeing distant family, friends and loved ones via free video chat applications like Skype.
  • Having access at the click of the button to the wealth of information on things to do and places to visit this time of year.
  • Catching up on your favourite Christmas telly or watching the latest John Lewis Ad everyone is talking about.
  • Sharing moments and memories in an instant via social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.

We can’t bridge this 1 in 7 gap alone. We want a Wales where every adult has the ability to get online and access a computer. But we need organisations like yours, which are out on the front line day-to-day supporting people, to make this vision a reality. And what better place to start then getting behind our #GetOnlinethisXmas campaign.

To support you have we pulled together a #GetOnlinethisXmas campaign pack.
  • A3 poster
  • A3 poster editable
  • Facebook / Twitter cover page graphic (PNG)
  • Suggested tweets and posts
  • Top 5 tips guide to help someone #GetOnlinethisXmas
  • email signature badge

Thank you and Merry Christmas!