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Library staff member receives Agored Cymru accreditation

Jeanette Jones from Neath Library has successfully completed her Digital Champion qualification with Digital Communities Wales.

This includes two Level Two units from Agored Cymru.

Jeanette said: “I really enjoyed this course and have benefitted from taking part. The sessions on the first day, where we had to be the learner/teacher/reviewer was particularly useful, as we don’t often get feedback when we help people get online. It was also good to be on the course with people from other work backgrounds e.g. volunteers who work one to one, or helping students get online, as this has broadened my knowledge of what people could ask about and where to signpost them further. All in all, it was a very informative day.”

Since completing the training, Jeanette has used her skills to help people so they can enjoy the benefits of getting online themselves, e.g. saving money, saving time, and keeping in touch with friends and family. “The type of help required is extremely varied from setting up an email account or a Facebook account, to printing off a boarding pass, to applying for Universal Credit” she said, “It’s always a great feeling to help someone gain the confidence and skills to get online themselves.”

As well as helping customers on a drop in basis, Jeanette also runs one to one sessions on how to stay safe online, as this is sometimes a barrier to people accessing the internet. The sessions include using strong passwords, security, and scams and phishing so customers can be more confident about using the internet safely. Additionally, showing customers how to use websites for prince comparison, shopping or holidays means customers can save money.

Jeanette also shows staff and customers how to use the Library service’s Borrow Box and Zinio apps to download free e-book and e-magazines. The next steps for Jeanette will be to develop more tailored sessions, as technology and people’s needs change. Having helped two members of staff set up one to one IT help at the Library, one of which is specifically for seniors, she also hopes to roll this out into the wider community by offering sessions in different locations, to help more digitally excluded people.