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Cynon Taff Housing staff inspired by digital activities training

Staff from social landlord Cynon Taff Community Housing attended DCW training on Inspiring Digital Activities. They were so inspired themselves that they organised a follow-up webinar with trainer Laura to explore more apps and websites.

Cynon Taff Community Housing provides 1850 homes for rent, including five schemes for older people. The National Survey for Wales 2017/18 showed that people living in social housing are more likely to lack basic digital skills, so its staff members booked to attend digital inclusion training with DCW.


Staff members from across different teams attended a session which focussed particularly on helping people with mental health conditions to get online.

On the feedback forms some of the staff commented that they’d like more practical examples of apps and websites to support their clients’ mental health. So trainer Laura got back in touch to see how she could help.

They arranged to hold an online webinar to save time and travel costs, where they could try a variety of apps and websites together.


The staff at Cynon Taff Community Housing now have a deep, practical knowledge of apps and websites which can help tenants manage their own mental health. They feel more confident supporting people and as a result, tenants are seeing the benefits.