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Geocaching proves a real find for digital inclusion on Anglesey

A new project on Anglesey wanted to find ways in which digital technology could help local people to improve their health, while exploring the environment in their community. Digital Communities Wales worked with a geocaching group to develop this activity as a way of meeting this aim.

Cwlwm Seiriol is a project being developed in the Seiriol area of Anglesey. Its aim is to strengthen the bond between local communities and their environment, and improve health and wellbeing by reconnecting people with the environment. This includes encouraging local people to volunteer to get out and use and improve the local area, which features numerous woodlands, a small castle and a beautiful shoreline.

Cwlwm Seiriol staff wanted help to use digital technology in relation to their outdoor activities, and understood how it could improve the health and wellbeing of participants. Geocaching became the focus of the support from Digital Communities Wales (DCW).


The DCW Adviser who worked with Cwlwm Seiriol introduced them to a group of local Geocachers, who volunteered to assist in a litter pick and to hide new geocaches in this area. This led to a practical demonstration, so the group from Cwlwm Seiriol learned how to use a free geocaching app on their phone to find them and log their finds online. The Adviser gave a presentation on geocaching and how using digital technology can help when exploring the outdoors. This approach was taken so the members of Cwlwm Seiriol could run their own geocaching activities and show members of the local community how to use the necessary technology.


As a result of support from DCW, Cwlwm Seiriol now has another avenue of activities to offer to local people, to increase their health and wellbeing while using the local environment. A pool of volunteers has also been formed, who are now able to use the geocaching app. One recipient of the DCW support was the local girl-guiding leader. The information she received has enabled her to support the girl-guiding group to get their geocaching badge.

The support from DCW, through Cwlwm Seiriol, has encouraged a host of new people to get out and exercise while searching for geocaches, which has increased their fitness and improved their health and wellbeing. Cwlwm Seiriol has also gained interest from people within the community who, up until this point, had no interest in getting involved in any of the previous outdoor activities it had arranged.