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Torfaen primary school helps parents and grandparents get online

Greenmeadow Primary school is situated in the Cwmbran area of Torfaen. The school has approximately 200 pupils aged 4-11yrs.

Outline of our Intervention

Christine Robinson who is the ICT Co-ordinator and vulnerable groups link at Greenmeadow Primary school approached Digital Communities Wales after attending a meeting where a presentation was delivered by one of the DCW Coordinators detailing the project’s involvement with local schools.

Digital Communities Wales worked with Greenmeadow Primary school to plan and run a Digital Day. The school uses a range of technologies in the classroom, for example ClassDojo and ActiveLearn, there is a reading and a blog club and also a coding club running in conjunction with the Digital Volunteers CIC. The school were keen to raise awareness with parents and carers of the important part technology plays in their children’s education and to show parents how they could support their child’s learning and development. Keeping children safe online was also a key consideration.

The DCW Coordinator worked with school to develop a programme for the Digital Day which took place on 26th May 2016. Parents, grandparents and other family members were invited to attend.

The DCW Coordinator delivered a presentation on the importance of digital inclusion in general and in relation to their children’s’ education, health and wellbeing. There was also information on the Cloud 9 project, giving families who may not have digital equipment the option to access low cost devices by linking with their local credit union and a computer recycling company.

Greenmeadow Primary has a number of Year 6 pupils who are Digital Leaders; they are able to help fellow pupils, teachers and parents. The Digital Leaders were given the responsibility of raising awareness of the importance of staying safe online. With the help of Mrs Robinson they decided to show a video from CEOP Command to the invited guests and the Years 5 and 6 pupils. The Digital Leaders chose this film as felt that it conveyed really well the important message that they were trying to put across. Parents from each year group were then invited to visit the newly opened IT suite with their children. Mrs Robinson reiterated the message to parents about keeping their children safe online. The Digital Leaders then helped children and their parents to log into their online accounts so that the children could showcase some of the technologies that they use in the classroom to their parents. The Digital Leaders were on hand throughout the day to provide a helping hand and support and encouragement to parents and children.

At the end of each session parents, grandparents were asked to complete a short online survey, which included the following questions:

  • Do you have access to a computer at home?
  • Do you have access to the Internet at home?
  • How important do you think ICT is to your child’s learning?
  • If the school was to provide ICT training for parents and the local community would you be interested?

Individual Impact

Rhian – Digital Lead Yr 6 pupil
Michael – Digital Lead Yr 6 pupil
Davis – Digital Lead Yr 6 pupil

“If anybody is struggling with ICT and need help they know who we are so they can ask us”

“I enjoy being a Digital Leader and being able to help others”

“I like to help others with technology, not only at school but at home too with my grandparents.”

Parent – “Really good to see what my child is doing so that we can learn together”

Parent – “This is a great way to help my child with reading”

Grandparent – “It’s very different from how we learnt in my day but seeing how much my grandson can do makes me want to learn more.”

Quotation mark

The feedback on the event from parents has been excellent and the children thoroughly enjoyed being the ones to “teach” their parents. The day was a great success and the results of the online survey will help to inform how we take this forward in the future.

Christine Robinson, ICT Co-ordinator and vulnerable groups link at Greenmeadow Primary