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Menter Fachwen – helping the community of Gwynedd to get online

Menter Fachwen is a charity based in Gwynedd. It was established in 1988 with the aim of developing an enterprise in the local area, with the belief that people with disabilities should have equal chances to participate.

It has grown steadily since. Over the past few years the enterprise has opened a shop and IT training centre in Llanberis. This centre is where Digital Communities Wales (DCW) equipment is mainly used as part of the Cerdded a Darganfod Project.

Outline of our Intervention

DCW developed a Digital Inclusion Engagement Plan with Menter Fachwen, while providing two laptops and two tablets for digitally including staff and local residents through the Cerdded a Darganfod Project.

Impact of our Intervention

Many local residents, some with learning difficulties have received training and assistance to become digitally included and implement their new skills.

Individual Impact

The impact on one of the local people from Waunfawr – Gareth Wyn Roberts – is a good example of the way DCW intervention has helped digitally include an individual, to such an extent that his work is now being exhibited.

Training that Gareth has undertaken has enabled him to bring two of his passions together – photography and football. The result is an exhibition showcasing history of the lost football grounds of local clubs. The skills he has learnt via DCW support has enabled this to happen.