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Neath Police Cadets help Crynant residents to get online

In April 2017, nine Police Cadets who had been trained as Digital Heroes by Digital Communities Wales helped 14 retired residents in the Crynant Community Centre to get online. The Cadets were supported by Stuart Morgan and Fiona Davies (Melincryddan Community Conference Volunteer Coordinators) and Nigel Lewis (Coastal Housing).

The youth volunteers received the Digital Heroes training delivered by Digital Communities Wales. This training gave them the skills and confidence to support people to go online for the first time. They were able to put the training into practice by helping the residents of Crynant Community Centre to get online.

One of the Police Cadets was able to communicate in welsh, which really helped one particular resident gain IT skills . The residents enjoyed the support of the younger people and the young people all said that they had enjoyed being able the help the older generation gain confidence in using a PC.

After the session, Stuart Morgan and Fiona Davies presented the nine police cadets with Event Volunteering certificates to thank them for their help.
As a result of this experience, ten of the Police cadets are interested in out in the Melin Technology Centre which is going to be used as a Learn My Way centre where local residents can improve their IT skills. They are also hoping to volunteer by providing one-to-one IT support in libraries across Neath Port Talbot.