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Penywaun Enterprise Partnership support community members through computer club

Penywaun Enterprise Partnership is a community based charity and Development Trust established to regenerate the Penywaun Ward by designing and delivering tailor-made projects to address local needs.

The trust serves the 4000 people of Penywaun and Trenant estates situated at the head of the Cynon Valley in South Wales. The Trust supports people through capacity building activities and aims to establish community enterprises that will generate income, create employment and training opportunities and improve the local economy.

The Trust manages 2 buildings: the Cana Community Resource Enterprise Centre and the Old Area Housing Office which acts as its administrative base for a number of projects, for all ages, covering health, lifelong learning, community safety, environment, jobs, and business support.

PEP is the Lead Body for Communities First in the Penywaun Ward and seeks to influence a strategic approach to meeting needs in disadvantaged communities across Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Penywaun Enterprise Partnership contacted DCW early 2017 with regards to the provision of training for volunteers who run the weekly computer club. The trust is preparing to take over the management of the computer club fully when Communities First ends and will be run solely with the time donated and support provided by the volunteers.

Six volunteers undertook a half day training course on supporting people to get online in April 2017. The training has allowed them to continue to support community members through the computer club.

The computer club will run as part of PEP.

The volunteers that run the computer club are grateful for any additional support received. The training made a significant difference and has given them added confidence to be able to up-skill the participants that come along to the group.

In addition to the tools and resources that were shared during the training event itself, the direct support framework that the training has made available has been very useful and the periodic updates that have been shared via social media have been extremely valuable.

The volunteers enjoyed the training and learnt new skills and techniques that they can share with people attending the computer club.