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Scope Cwmbran receive ‘Supporting People to Get Online’ training

Scope Cwmbran Adult Service supports disabled people with cerebral palsy and other physical and learning impairments in Greater Gwent.

The core service enables people to choose and develop their individual lifestyles to lead independent lives.

Outline of our Intervention

Digital Communities Wales (DCW) met with the Scope Cwmbran Service Manager to discuss where the organisation was in terms of digital activity. A Digital Engagement Improvement Plan was developed to enable Scope to continue providing digital support to their customers.

Scope’s customers were no longer able to access support to get online due to funding of a previous provision ending. The organisation was keen that their customers did not miss out on the many benefits that being online can bring.

Recommendations contained in the Digital Engagement Improvement Plan were implemented to enable the continuation of digital inclusion activity. Firstly, Scope submitted a proposal for the short term loan of kit from DCW which was successful and they received two laptops, two iPads and two Android tablets. This was complemented by a number of frontline staff and volunteers completing DCW’s one day Supporting People to Get Online training.

Impact of our Intervention

The loan of the ICT equipment from DCW has enabled Scope to continue helping customers to improve their digital skills and confidence. The loan of a variety of devices gave individuals the opportunity to try out different equipment, to find which was the most appropriate for them. Using the iPads and Android tablets has enabled Scope to download lots of sensory apps that they would otherwise not been able to use.

Individual Impact

‘TP’ is a gentleman in his mid-40s, who is currently looking to move independently into his own home. TP has used the loaned kit to great personal gain. Having the different types of equipment at his disposal has meant that TP and staff are able to sit in quiet areas around the Centre and search for voluntary employment. Without use of the equipment it would have been a less personal experience on the journey that TP is currently on. TP says “I’m looking forward to being in charge of the things I want to do, and using the equipment has meant that I’m able to search for things to meet my needs”.

To find out more about how Scope Cwmbran customers are using digital technology, watch our video…