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‘Speed dating’ helps North Wales organisations forge new partnerships

Organisations that deliver digital inclusion activities across North Wales were brought together for a ‘speed dating’ event by Digital Communities Wales. The event helped identify opportunities for collaborative and joined-up working across the region.

There are already many organisations working hard to tackle digital exclusion in North Wales. A large number of them have signed the Digital Inclusion Charter to show their commitment to helping people get online. But the rural nature of the region means that opportunities for partnership working have been limited.


Digital Communities Wales organised an event at Venue Cymru, at which organisations were invited to ‘speed date’ with each other in order to promote their own digital inclusion work, and to see if there are other organisations who they could partner up with to deliver joint digital inclusion projects. Delegates from the public, private and third sector were invited.

Delegates were given 10 minutes per ‘date’ to introduce themselves and their organisations, discuss each other’s work, and discover whether there were potential opportunities to work collaboratively in the future. Each organisation was given a tick sheet which they filled out following each ‘date’ to say whether they would be interested in working with any of the other organisations.


11 organisations attended the event. The feedback was very positive, with several delegates saying that they’d made useful connections.

Digital Communities Wales will now help facilitate further communications and partnership working and offer support to each new unique partnership, with training and advice. It is also considering making these events a regular occurrence.

Delegate Daniel Richards from Citizens Online said, “It was incredibly interesting to hear what’s happening across North Wales, especially outside my own area of Gwynedd.”