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Swansea Police Youth Hub Digital Heroes deliver training in local library

Swansea Police Youth Volunteer Hub is a group for young people, aged 13 to 18, who are interested in joining the police or would like to have opportunity to volunteer within their community.

The aim of the police youth volunteer program is to capture the enthusiasm and energy of young people and channel it into community based projects, while at the same time fostering relationships with police and developing a sense of good citizenship and leadership. Swansea Police Youth Volunteer hub was established in June 2016.

Outline of our intervention

Digital Communities Wales Delivered Digital Heroes training to twenty police volunteers, who are part of the Swansea Hub. The digital heroes training focused on:

  • An understanding of digital inclusion/exclusion
  • The barriers to getting online
  • Online safety
  • Finding safe and trusted information
  • Your online profile
  • Online scams

Prior to training the police youth volunteers, a planning meeting was established with the police officers responsible for the youth hub and the library service. The objective of the meeting was to develop a project that would involve volunteers delivering sessions in Swansea Central Library.

Quotation mark

Having the young people in the library showing their users how to get online, and download apps, was really positive, as it was great to see the young people helping older people in a library

Karen Gibbins, Swansea Libraries