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Covid-19: digital inclusion webinar programme

At Digital Communities Wales we’ve been working hard to develop online digital inclusion training courses, including webinars and digital drop-in sessions that might be vital to you and your service users going forward.

Please find below details of the online sessions we’ve got coming up, along with the links to register your place.

We’ve tried to make the sign up process as simple as possible but if you are having any problems registering, please contact


Using Google to improve your online skills

Wednesday 28 April

In this session we look at how using Google in the right way can help someone to be self-reliant in gaining online skills and knowledge. Giving someone the power to help themselves and not rely on others is a massive steppingstone to that person becoming a confident online user. We will also look at the different ways you can use Google, such as advanced searching, media specific search and using Google to find shopping deals online. This session will also explain what the term ‘search engine’ means and will cover some of the alternatives to Google.

Register now (English session, 10am start)


Helping people to go online

Wednesday 5 May

At Digital Communities Wales, we are offering support and training for individuals who wish to support the most vulnerable in society with simple online tasks that can make the world of difference and brighten their day. Within this free, 1-hour webinar we discuss the benefits and the barriers to helping someone get online; outline the essential skills and remote working considerations required and provide options for further learning and support as you guide someone along their digital journey. 

Register now (English session, 10am start)

Digital Storytelling

Wednesday 12 May

During this session we will demonstrate how you may utilise apps to upload images from your home or the web and combine them with narration or written text and music to create powerful, short video clips. This free webinar will last from approximately 1 hour, as we guide you on your journey to tell a story through the application of Digital Technology.

If you wanted to prepare before this session, we recommend you download the relevant App and trial creating your own Digital Story. For Android devices download the app CyberlinkPowerDirector. For Apple devices, download the App Adobe Spark Video.

Register now (English session, 10am start)

Smartphone photography

Wednesday 19 May

Within this 1 hour webinar, Digital Communities Wales will give you an overview of the process for taking images on a smartphone and some tips for editing your photos using free Apps. We will give insight into data storage and exactly how much memory a typical smartphone photo requires and then provide some alternative data storage options that you may wish to utilise to free-up memory on your smartphone. 

Register now (English session, 10am start)


Wednesday 26 May

Using online tools and accessing the Internet provides many opportunities for individuals to benefit from easier ways to communicate with others, save money and find information. Included with all modern smartphone, tablet and computing devices is software to make that device more accessible for the individual user, opening possibilities for individuals who may have encountered barriers to how they access digital tools. Within this free, 1-hour webinar, Digital Communities Wales will demonstrate some of the options available to individuals to make their devices more accessible, so that they may experience the benefits of being online first-hand and at their own convenience. 

Register now (English session, 10am start)


Health and well-being

Wednesday 2 June

As a society we have been subjected to many shifts in the way we work, meet people and communicate. These changes have been fast-paced and have understandably meant we have had to adapt our daily routines to meet the needs of lockdown restrictions and the challenges this has presented. The way you support your own health and wellbeing or that of others may have also changed, as you adapt to the societal changes enforced through lockdown restrictions. Within this free, 1-hour webinar, Digital Communities Wales will overview a number of digital options for supporting the health and wellbeing of yourself or someone you know. We will provide you with an overview of digital options you may wish to explore and relate our summary to the NHS’s Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing guidance. To sign up, all you need is an email address and an internet connection. We hope to see you online. 

Register now (English session, 10am start)

Collecting digital history

Wednesday 9 June

Interested in finding out more about the history of your local area? Or maybe you want to learn more about Wales’ historic figures? Join us for an entertaining hour of collecting history with Digital Communities Wales, giving you a taste of the free resources available to research local and national history on the web. 

Register now (English session, 10am start)

Smart Speakers

Wednesday 16 June

Smart speakers have become extremely popular over the last half a decade. Often, people view them as trendy accessories to have within a home or office and their most popular use is to play music using voice commands. But smart speakers offer many functions that can improve accessibility for individuals in their own place of residence, therefore providing more independence and benefits to an individual’s wellbeing. Within our free, 1-hour webinar, we at Digital Communities Wales will demonstrate a variety of commands for smart speakers, as well as discuss how to get started with using a smart speaker. We will look at an example video of smart speakers in action and inspire broader use of smart speakers for independence. 

Register now (English session, 10am start)

Saving and making money online

Wednesday 23 June

During this free 1-hour webinar, we at Digital Communities Wales will outline different options for saving money when shopping online.  Within this webinar, we outline some of the options you may wish to take to purchase food and goods over the Internet and have it delivered to your door. We will provide you with national and local options for shopping online as well as ways to access potential money saving deals. As well as this, there are ways you can make money by selling your items online, and we will outline a few ways to do this. Signing up and using the webinar is simple too, all you need is an internet connection and an email address. We hope to see you online. 

Register now (English session, 10am start)

Using Zoom

Wednesday 30 June

Keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues online through virtual video software has become ever more pertinent due to the UK Government’s Covid-19 Social Distancing rules. One popular platform for maintaining contact with others is the software Zoom. We have seen Zoom utilised by family members to choir groups, businesses to the UK Government. You can host online quizzes over Zoom and utilise their key features like polling or breakout rooms to create unique experiences for you or your clients. Overall, Zoom has many strong hosting features, meaning that it is a good option for those looking for an online video communication tool. Within this free one-hour webinar, we are going to provide you with a virtual tour of Zoom. We will outline the key features of Zoom including: how to set up meetings; how to make the most out of meetings; and how to apply Zoom’s security features to safeguard your private conversations.

Register now (English session, 10am start)

Digital Companions training

Digital Companions are members of the community who already have digital skills and who are willing to support others to introduce them to the online world or improve their digital skills. Digital Companions is an entry level course which uses peer to peer learning. The workshop will:

• Outline the role of a Digital Companion and what is expected within this role;
• Provide the tools to facilitate conversations with those who are digitally excluded;
• Provide useful resources to inspire people to get online;
• Equip attendees with helpful information on the benefits of being online.

New dates will be added in 2021