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Covid-19: digital inclusion webinar programme

At Digital Communities Wales we’ve been working hard to develop online digital inclusion training courses, including webinars and digital drop-in sessions that might be vital to you and your service users going forward.

Please find below details of the online sessions we’ve got coming up, along with the links to register your place.

We’ve tried to make the sign up process as simple as possible but if you are having any problems registering, please contact

Helping people to get online

Wednesday 3 March

At Digital Communities Wales, we are offering support and training for individuals to become a Virtual Volunteer, supporting the most vulnerable in society with simple online tasks that can make the world of difference and brighten their day. There are many members of the Welsh public who own digital devices but require support or guidance in how to make the most of being online. Before lockdown, a family member or friend may have offered these individuals one-to-one support. Unfortunately, not everyone has this support network around them, and for those that have, access to support has been made even more difficult due to the Social Distancing and Lockdown procedures currently in place. We at Digital Communities Wales are offering training to those who may be interested in Virtual Volunteering to support individuals on their digital journey. We are not expecting volunteers to access client’s personal information, but to support individuals with getting the best out of being online. Whether that is through apps to keep in touch or options for accessing entertainment media, your support can make a world of difference to someone’s day.

Register now (English session 10am start).

Keeping in touch

Wednesday 10 March

Within this free one-hour long webinar, we at Digital Communities Wales offer an overview of our favourite online apps for keeping in touch. We recognise that the new social distancing measures have made it difficult to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. However, maintaining strong social relationships is not limited to physical interaction. In fact, there are many incredible and simple ways to keep in touch online by using the smartphone in your hand or your computing device at home. Within this webinar, we discuss the main features of each app and give you a short demonstration of how to use them. The apps we discuss include: Facetime; Skype; Zoom; Google Hangout; and Houseparty. Signing up and using the webinar is simple too, all you need is an internet connection and an email address. We hope to see you online. Register now (English session 10am start).

What makes a good Digital volunteer?

Wednesday 10 March

Many people feel that they do not have the “technical skills” to be a digital volunteer, and yet qualities such as patience and empathy may be more important. This sessions examines what makes a good digital volunteer, and how to attract the right volunteers to support your service. This interactive session will give you a chance to discuss challenges and ideas with other organisations from across the UK. This session will be co-presented by Hilary Nugent who is Volunteer Manager at the Good Things Foundation.

Register now (English session 10am start)

Relax with sensory apps

Wednesday 17 March

Do you struggle to sleep? Or maybe you find it hard to unwind? Sensory apps are a great way for you to relax and shut off from the world. During this hour long session we’ll be discussing a variety of different sensory apps that you can get on your device, to promote mindfulness, relaxation and becoming a better version of yourself.

Register now (English session 10am start).

Creating music with a smart device

Wednesday 24 March

One of the great things about smart technology is how easy and accessible digital creativity can be. Being creative can be therapeutic, build a person’s confidence and is great fun. It will also help a person to engage with technology, especially if they are new to the online world. In this session we look at how you can use a smart device to make music. From apps and websites that let you create simple fun sounds to more involved platforms that let you unleash your inner Paul McCartney. It has never been easier to create your own music, whatever the style. In this session we will take you through the great options that are available.

Register now (English session 10am start).

Online facilitation

Wednesday 31 March

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, many organisations, including us at Digital Communities Wales, have had to adapt our service delivery and find online solutions for hosting video conferences with clients as well as internal teams. As a training provider, we have overcome many challenges to hosting web-based conferences, as well as identified key facilitation techniques that have been of benefit to our new online training provision. Within this free, one-hour long webinar, we reflect on and share Digital Communities Wales’ recommendations for online facilitation to support your organisations’ development of online service provision.

Register now (English session 10am start).

Digital Companions training

Digital Companions are members of the community who already have digital skills and who are willing to support others to introduce them to the online world or improve their digital skills. Digital Companions is an entry level course which uses peer to peer learning. The workshop will:

• Outline the role of a Digital Companion and what is expected within this role;
• Provide the tools to facilitate conversations with those who are digitally excluded;
• Provide useful resources to inspire people to get online;
• Equip attendees with helpful information on the benefits of being online.

New dates will be added in 2021