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Age Cymru – Add to Your Life (ATYL)

By Claire Bottomley, Healthy Ageing Manager, Age Cymru

What is Add to Your Life?

Within the last twelve months 42,000 people in Wales will have turned 50. Many of them will have a longer life expectancy than the previous generation, but will they have a healthy old age?

Add to Your Life (ATYL) is a confidential online self-assessment designed by NHS Wales for anyone over 50, that gives personal health and wellbeing information based on answers given in the assessment. It is an important self-help tool in managing health and protection from avoidable illnesses, aiming to ensure that people have better quality of health and life as they get older.

Age Cymru is rolling out a support programme for older people who do not have Internet access. We do this by recruiting, training and mobilising volunteers to engage with and support older people who would not otherwise have been able to access the online service.

What Are the Benefits?

ATYL draws upon recommendations from the latest research in areas of wellbeing, and will help individuals to:
• Find out about the simple steps to improve their health
• Reduce the risk of developing avoidable health problems
• Delay the onset of some illnesses
• Make informed decisions about lifestyle and wellbeing choices

How Can I Access ATYL?

You can use ‘Add to Your Life’ on any device that connects to the internet, like a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
Please quote Age Cymru as the source of your information about this service when you complete your health assessment, or signpost a beneficiary to the website.

Add To Your Life can be accessed by visiting the Age Cymru Website page:
All information given is totally confidential and for your use and benefit only.

For further information please email: or Tel: 029 20431575