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Go online to make all important savings

By Hannah France, Digital Inclusion Practitioner Trainer, Digital Communities Wales

Working in digital inclusion, I am amazed at all the ways people can save their money online. The internet has some fantastic opportunities for managing and saving money from online deals, discounts and offers, to budgeting tools and comparisons sites. By helping people to get online, we hope more people can take advantage of some amazing benefits, including better finances. By being online, the average household can save about £560 a year – a huge saving!

Funded by Welsh Government, and delivered by the Wales Co-operative Centre, Digital Communities Wales trains organisations, staff and volunteers to help more people get online, and experience the benefits. We can train people on online topics such as social media, health and wellbeing and to become digital champions – as well as helping people find out about the ways they can save and manage their money online.It’s very often simple things. If you go to you can work out which supermarket will be cheaper for your weekly shop. You can also check which offers each supermarket has. As a Diet Pepsi drinker (there are other brands available!) – I can work out which supermarket has the cheapest offer and save every month on these little treats!

Even clothes and gifts can be bought cheaper if you look online., or the Vouchercloud app, lets you put in the name of the shop you want, and will give you all details of offers that they currently have – and some are exclusively for online shopping. Often, by signing up to your favourite shops they also send you birthday and Christmas discounts! Websites like and can also be helpful – they often are a few pounds cheaper and you can read reviews.

You can also make big savings online on things like utilities and insurance. The internet allows you to compare offers from multiple providers – and saves your phone bill from having to call them all yourself! Sites like Gocompare, ComparetheMarket and Uswitch allow you to put in a little information about your needs and will give quotes from multiple companies. Most people do find a cheaper deal!

As part of Digital Communities Wales, we offer training to staff and volunteers on Managing your Money Online, and when clients get to try out these money saving apps, many are shocked at how easy it is to find 10% off goods at many of their favourite shops. There are also a number of online budgeting tools and apps, which means people can work out their budgets easily and confidentially.