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Rural community benefits from Digital Communities Wales kit

By Mark Smith, Digital Content Development Officer

Digital Communities Wales has recently provided IT kit to dozens of voluntary organisations and community groups around Wales. Equipment including laptops, smartphones, tablets, accessibility software and mobile Wi-Fi devices has gone to those who work in some of Wales’ most disadvantaged communities.

Recipients of the kit will use it to help the people they support, to get online and do more with digital technology. In many cases the kit will also increase the capacity of the organisations using it, helping them to deliver their work in new and different ways.

Some of the kit has already been used in sessions that have been run by Wrexham Library Services

One example of this is Canolfan Ceiriog Centre (CCC). CCC was formed in 2005 as a focus for the creation of a new purpose built community centre. The organisation exists to promote and provide facilities and activities for residents of the Ceiriog Valley.

CCC applied to Digital Communities Wales for IT kit to help provide new learning opportunities to older people, disabled people, jobseekers and social housing tenants in their local area. There was a particular desire to set up a six week course in the summer of 2015 for older people to learn how to use computers and get online. Some of the kit has already been used in sessions that have been run by Wrexham Library Services.

The organisation estimates that it will be able to support 100 people each month, with the kit it’s received from Digital Communities Wales. It’s also identified a number of volunteers that could run IT sessions in the community.