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The Digital Champions Network set to train 500 digital champions in Wales

The Digital Champions Network is to be used to train and support up to 500 Digital Volunteers in Wales as Digital Communities Wales becomes its newest member.

Digital Communities Wales is a Welsh Government project delivered by the Wales Co-operative Centre to help people to access and use the internet. With nearly one in six adults in Wales still not online Digital Communities Wales provides support to organisations working with digitally excluded groups.

The Digital Champions Network will extend the programme’s work by providing access to its comprehensive training and tools to 500 staff and volunteers across the country. As well as its extensive courses and resources the Network also offers its Digital Champion foundation course in Welsh (Hanfodion Hyrwyddwyr Digidol) and a range of Welsh how-to guides.

Digital skills are no longer a nice to have, but an essential part of today’s modern society, helping people to save money, access and keep better in touch with friends and family. Developing the capacity of people and organisations through the creation of Digital Champions is now commonly regarded as a key way to bring more people online.

Marc Davies at Digital Communities Wales said: “We continually strive to find new solutions and approaches to support all digitally excluded individuals in Wales and our Digital Volunteers are already having a huge impact across the country. Being part of the Digital Champions Network means we can provide them with high quality and standardised training, wherever they are based and will enable us to more easily benchmark the digital skills support the programme offers.”

Kathy Valdes at Digital Unite said: “We are delighted to welcome Digital Communities Wales to our Network. They have already achieved tremendous things for digital inclusion in Wales and we are pleased that our Network can play a part in enhancing this success even further”.

About the Digital Champions Network
Digital Unite’s Digital Champions Network is a unique and comprehensive training and support system for aspiring and experienced Digital Champions. It offers a wide range of self-study online courses to develop a Digital Champion’s skillset and meet different learner needs. All of the courses are linked to the national Open Badges schemes to evidence personal and professional development. There is also a structured Resource Centre collating over 500 ready-to-use training and teaching resources and a web app enabling Champions to record their learner interactions quickly and easily.