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2nd Beaufort Scouts Group, Blaenau Gwent help community through Digital Hero training

The 2nd Beaufort Scouts Group located in Ebbw Vale has 15 young people in its troop aged between 10 and 14 years.

The Scouts are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities as part of their programme and there are a number of challenge awards and activity badges they can work towards. Participation is the key approach and scouts are actively encouraged to undertake activities with their local community.

Outline of our Intervention

The DCW Co-ordinator met with the Scout Leader Allison Davies and the young people to discuss them working towards gaining the Digital Hero Award. The group discussed the many benefits that are available to those who regularly and confidently use technology and how people who are digitally excluded are missing out. Having grown up with technology being part of their everyday lives, it was difficult for the Scouts to imagine life without technology and it certainly challenged their perception of the difficulties and disadvantages experienced by those who are not online.

The DCW Co-ordinator worked with the Scouts so that they understood the barriers digitally excluded people face and what needs to be done to help them overcome these obstacles. As well as the practical issues, the group discussed how online safety is a key element in supporting people. The Scouts’ awareness and depth of knowledge of how to stay safe online was very impressive and they were eager to pass this knowledge on. At the end of the session the Scouts had a very good understanding of how they could help people who are digitally excluded and what they needed to do to gain the Digital Hero Award. The Scouts spent a few weeks developing a plan for the Digital Hero event which took place on the 23rd June 2016 at the Scout hut. Family, friends and members of the local community were invited to the event by the Scouts.


The Scouts introduced the programme for the evening and invited the guests to visit each station in turn. The Scouts described what technology has to offer, taught people new digital skills and helped inspire people to find out more.

The Scouts set up 4 stations

  • Facetime and Skype
  • Tips on using apps, including shopping online and health and wellbeing tools
  • You Tube
  • Google Earth/Maps

The Scouts rounded off the evening with a presentation about online safety and general maintenance tips.

Individual Impact

Ieuan – Scout
“I really enjoyed talking to the older people and teaching them something new.”

Josh – Scout
“I enjoyed showing people how to use Google Maps.”

Mari – Scout
“I liked teaching people new things and also we had produced leaflets to give to people to remind tem what they had learnt and to encourage them to want to find out more.”

Henry- Scout
“It’s good to be able to pass on the knowledge that I have to help more people to understand about technology.”

Participants’ Feedback
“Attending the event has given me the confidence to safely add apps to my phone and use them in my daily life to use price comparison websites and ordering goods online.”

“I was shown how to use Google Earth and was amazed at being able to see where people live in real time, especially as I have relatives in Australia! Knowing that I could talk to them for free using Skype has encouraged me to want to find out more.”

“Looking at Google Earth I was able see in places in detail when thinking of booking a holiday. I can see how this would be useful to ease any concerns people might have especially as they get older as to whether a place is suitable and accessible.”

“I didn’t realise what YouTube was – now that I do, I realise the possibilities are endless. I was able to see clips of my favourite TV programme I used to watch as a child (the Woodentops); you can look up your favourite songs and even have the words on the screen. What I have learnt is that if you want to know how to do something, YouTube should be your first port of call!”

Quotation mark

Through working with Digital Communities Wales, our Scouts were not only able to achieve their Digital Hero Award, they were also able to inspire, encourage and teach members of our local community to use technology in ways they may not have previously had the confidence or skills to do.

Allison Davies – Scout Leader