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Childcare workers in Swansea get online to become Digital Champions

PACEY Cymru received training from Digital Communities Wales, so it could increase the digital skills of its staff members. As a result, PACEY Cymru can now provide ICT training to childcare workers, other childminders and service providers in Swansea and across Wales.

PACEY Cymru supports people who work with and look after children in Wales. The organisation works with Welsh Government, local authorities and agencies to ensure families across Wales have access to affordable and quality childcare.

The team at PACEY Cymru wanted to be able to support childminders and other childcare providers to increase their digital skills and confidence using technology.


PACEY Cymru staff attended Digital Champion training with Digital Communities Wales (DCW).

To help plan the session, the DCW team spoke to individual trainees to assess their level of digital competency and to discuss any particular aspects that they wanted cover in the workshop.

Over the course of a day, staff were trained on:

  • Setting up an e-mail address
  • Using Google
  • Promoting their service online, through social media and websites
  • Policies and procedures for using ICT in a childcare setting
  • Using Excel

Everyone who attended agreed that the conversations prior to the training supported their participation in the workshop. Three of the attendees were particularly nervous and lacked confidence with ICT, but were reassured by being able to talk to the trainer beforehand.


As a result of the training from Digital Communities Wales, PACEY Cymru has gone on to deliver free workshops to Local Authority childcare teams across Wales, promoting digital inclusion. Swansea Council identified its need to support childminders and others in childcare settings with their digital skills, particularly those providing the Welsh Government’s thirty-hour Childcare Offer scheme.

Following the training, PACEY Cymru was also successful in receiving a grant for digital kit to support further training and promotion of digital inclusion and digital literacy.

Going back to the original training attendees, their feedback ranged from ‘I’ll set up a chat page for parents on Messenger’, to ‘I’ll update our policies and procedures following this training’. Others said that they would welcome a follow-up course, while all said they’d increased their knowledge and confidence in digital technology.