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North Monmouthshire care staff help people re-connect with their community

The North Monmouthshire Care team helps frail and elderly people in their own homes who need care and support. With support from DCW, the team introduced digital activities to enrich the daily lives of service-users.


The six North Monmouthshire Care teams give personalised, one-to-one support to people who are frail, suffer with dementia and have sensory impairments that can leave them feeling lonely and isolated from their families, friends and communities.

Area Care and Support Lead Emma Baker approached DCW for help to introduce digital technology into the work of the team, so they had another way to support service-users.


DCW provided training for four team members and loaned four tablet devices to them. The team were also sign-posted to a range of online resources which might be useful for the people they support.

North Monmouthshire Care staff were also given access to Digital Unite Licences so they can join the Digital Champions Network and access further training and resources online.


The training really helped staff understand how digital technology can improve wellbeing and help service-users connect with family, join groups, arrange shopping, and access services such as banking. It also gave staff the confidence and communication skills to show people how to use technology.

Mrs PT is a service-user of North Monmouthshire Care. She has no family close by, is unable to leave her first floor flat and is reliant on staff to visit four times a day for support with all activities of daily life.

Mrs PT enjoys home cooked food, but has relied on staff to order her food from a list through a website. However, using the tablet loaned by DCW, staff have been able to give Mrs PT lots of options around the food she chooses to buy. Staff have logged on for Mrs PT and have scrolled through photos of food on her chosen supermarket site.

They also have plans in place to help Mrs PT ‘facetime’ her nephew in North Wales, who she normally only speaks to using a telephone when staff are able to call him for her.

Both uses of the IT tools have helped Mrs PT reconnect with her community and have given her greater choice and control over her daily life and social wellbeing.