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North Wales police cadets learnt how to protect themselves online as well as helping others

A group of 14-16 year old police cadets were surprised to learn how their personal digital profiles could affect their future. But having had training from DCW, they not only know how to keep themselves safe online, but can share their knowledge and skills with other people.

North Wales Volunteer Police Cadets is a two year programme run by North Wales Police. The programme aims to inspire young people to participate positively in their communities and encourage good citizenship.

Cadet Coordinator Chris Perkins wanted to provide Cadets in West Conwy with Digital Heroes training so they could help family members and school friends stay safe online. But Chris was also keen to show the Cadets how their own behaviour online, particularly on social media, could have an impact on their personal safety and employment prospects.

The Cadets received intensive training around different social media platforms and online security. They were shown the potential dangers of sharing too much information online, and how to increase security on specific social media platforms.

The Cadets are now able to protect their personal information and have a better understanding of the impact of their online behaviour.

The session also provided the Cadets with the skills and confidence to deliver digital support in the communities where they live.