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Tablets used to remedy digital exclusion for older people in Powys

Digital Communities Wales has trained staff at Age Cymru Powys, and provided a loan of tablets, so older people in the community could be helped to do more online. One man was supported to use his tablet at home, and is now able to do his shopping online.

Age Cymru Powys supports people 50+ all across Powys through its services. It aims to improve the quality of life for older people, especially at times of hardship and difficulty.

Volunteers and staff wanted to help their clients to use tablet devices, to check that they were receiving the right benefits and to apply for blue badges for disability parking.

Older people can gain from doing more online, to overcome isolation and save money.


Digital Communities Wales (DCW) provided a training session to a number of Age Cymru Powys staff. The course was called ‘Inspiring Digital Activities’, which helps attendees to develop a better understanding of using digital tools to engage with older people.

DCW also loaned three Samsung tablets to Age Cymru Powys, to be used by their staff and volunteers.

The training and kit loan were arranged to help Age Cymru Powys establish how their staff, volunteers and clients could benefit from digital inclusion activities.


In addition to supporting clients in the Age Cymru Powys office, staff have been able to go the homes of clients to help them to do more online.

One man, who was isolated and low, had a tablet device and wanted to use it but was struggling to set it up. An Age Cymru Powys co-ordinator helped the man to set the tablet up rather than doing it for him. He’s made progress every week, and is given tips and encouragement. He now uses e-mail and is starting to shop online.

Age Cymru Powys volunteers have also benefited by improving their digital skills. Some had basic skills, but having the tablets has made their volunteering experience so much better.