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Covid-19: digital inclusion webinar programme

At Digital Communities Wales we’ve been working hard to develop online digital inclusion training courses, including webinars and digital drop-in sessions that might be vital to you and your service users going forward.

Please find below details of the online sessions we’ve got coming up, along with the links to register your place.

We’ve tried to make the sign up process as simple as possible but if you are having any problems registering, please contact

Webinar: Christmas Creativity online

Wednesday 18 November

Christmas is a time for having fun with friends and family. This year may not be quite the same as usual so we at Digital Communities Wales would like to share with you some of the ways you can be creative and have fun online using different apps and websites. We will be looking at ways you can engage and create with music, art, photography and games. As well as being fun, being creative can have a positive mental health impact, boost confidence and help someone new to technology to engage with the online world.

Register now (English session 10am start)

Webinar: Shopping smart at Christmas

Wednesday 25 November

As Christmas approaches in 2020 the benefits of shopping online have never been more obvious. This session will look at all the ways you can save money and shop ‘smart’ leading up to the big day. We will look at comparison sites, voucher codes, cashback apps and many more ways in which you can lift the burden on Santa this festive period. Minimise your need to be in crowded shopping centres, learn how to shop safely and securely and save cash by joining us for this webinar.

Register now (English session 10am start)

Webinar: 5 ways to well-being

Wednesday 2 December

Using the NHS 5 Ways to wellbeing framework we will consider digital ways to improve your health and wellbeing. We will explore the 5 elements and what apps or tools you could use and activities you could complete for each.

Register now (English session 10am start)

Webinar: Staying in touch

Wednesday 9 December

Keeping in touch has never been more important and with restrictions for communities, and individuals across wales we will look at ways to keep connected using technology.

Register now (English session 11am start)

Digital Companions training

Digital Companions are members of the community who already have digital skills and who are willing to support others to introduce them to the online world or improve their digital skills. Digital Companions is an entry level course which uses peer to peer learning. The workshop will:

• Outline the role of a Digital Companion and what is expected within this role;
• Provide the tools to facilitate conversations with those who are digitally excluded;
• Provide useful resources to inspire people to get online;
• Equip attendees with helpful information on the benefits of being online.

Thursday 19 November 10:00 -11:00

Register here