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Digital Companions

Digital Companions are people who help an elderly friend, family member or neighbour to get online

Welcome, future Digital Companions

Getting online is not easy for everyone, especially for older people. For a lot of people not online, the best person to help them is YOU – a trusted friend or family member who knows them well and can work with them one-to-one. You don’t need to be an IT whizz; you just need to be familiar with using the web to help them overcome their fears and build confidence in using digital devices – by being their Digital Companion.

This page will help you find some useful links and resources to help those around you become more digitally skilled. This is such an important step and thank you for helping those you know gain digital skills. 


Getting started as a Digital Companion

Our step-by-step guide and top tips to help you show someone how to use the internet for the first time.

Webinar: Helping people to get online

Developed with social distancing and lockdown restrictions in mind, our webinar has a host of useful tips to help you support someone to get online, even if you can’t see them face-to-face.

Helping someone to get online during lockdown restrictions (Digital Unite)

Digital Unite’s range of handy guides and top tips on being a remote Digital Companion will help you make a digital difference to others, whatever the distance between you.

Helping someone set up a new device remotely (Digital Unite)

Setting up a new device can take time, particularly if the person with the device is not confident in using technology. Digital Unite have produced this guide so you can help someone set up their device without being with them.

Your guide to helping older people use the internet (Good Things Foundation)

If you want to show older people how to use the internet for the first time, or help someone to improve their skills, this detailed guide is for you. Includes sections on what you can do online, staying safe online, using different devices and connecting to the internet.

Your guide to using games to teach tablet skills (Good Things Foundation)

This guide is designed to help you to introduce older people to tablet computers, by using games.

Learn My Way (Good Things Foundation)

Help your companion develop their skills with a host of free courses on topics such as using a computer or device, online basics, and internet skills. Most courses take less than 30 minutes to complete.

Making the most of the internet (Age UK)

These guides from Age UK take you through some key steps to help someone make the most of what the internet can offer, whilst staying safe. Includes guides to using WhatsApp, video calling, email and an A-Z of online terms.

Success stories:

Read about some of the people who’ve become Digital Companions, and those who have been helped to get online:

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