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Host digital volunteers in your organisation

Digital Communities Wales can help public, voluntary, and private sector organisations develop and support digital volunteers. We’re looking to place those volunteers with organisations around Wales, across the public, voluntary and private sectors. Can you take on Digital Volunteers and help more people get online?

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Two older women and a older man sit in a row behind a desk all looking at a computer screen each. At the end of the row is a younger man, who is a digital volunteer, that is stood up and smiling.

Why use digital volunteers?

Digital volunteers are people who inspire others and help them get online. They show them how to do simple tasks like sending e-mail, using a search engine or browsing the internet.

Digital Communities Wales can help by;

  • Helping groups and organisations to recruit Digital Champions.
  • Providing Champions with training to make the most of their skills.
  • Helping Champions to develop and maintain support networks with other Champions, to share best practice, tools and tips for digital inclusion.

Could it be your organisation?

Think about the people you work with and support. Could a digital volunteer help you to help them?

Watch our short video about digital volunteering…