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How can we help?

DCW advisors work with organisations to help them take practical action to support digital inclusion. We deliver a service which is flexible, free and designed to meet the specific needs of your staff and service users.

What does the service include?

Wherever you are on your digital inclusion journey, we can support you. From taking the first steps, to increasing your impact, to embedding digital inclusion in all your activities, our advisors will be by your side.

We offer a bespoke service which is tailored to each organisation we work with. Key elements may include:

  1. Digital inclusion assessment – We’ll carry out an initial assessment of your organisation to see what you’re currently doing to support digital inclusion and identify the steps we can help you take to do more and increase your impact.
  2. Digital training for frontline staff and volunteers – We can deliver customised digital inclusion training for your staff and volunteers to help them build confidence, knowledge and technical skills (to find out more visit our training pages).
  3. Digital equipment loan – We have a range of digital equipment including tablets, laptops and fitness trackers which we can loan out, so your staff and volunteers can try things out before you invest in anything new.
  4. Digital volunteer support – If you need more capacity to provide digital skills support, we can help you develop your own digital volunteering programme, match you with organisations with digital volunteers or train your existing volunteers. There are also opportunities to link in with our own digital volunteering programmes (to find out more visit our volunteer pages).
  5. Digital inclusion accreditation – The Digital Inclusion Charter can show your organisation’s commitment to alleviating digital exclusion (to find out more visit our Charter page).
  6. Partnerships – We also build partnerships between organisations where working together can progress digital inclusion aims. Any organisation is welcome to the Digital Inclusion Alliance for Wales. We can also introduce you to our network of local Get Online partnerships which have been developed with stakeholders across Wales.
  7. Pathfinder projects – If you want to develop a brand new, full-scale, bells and whistles digital inclusion initiative, we can help you plan and organise a service based on the needs of your users.