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Course Title: Digital Companions

Further information on the specific training we provide

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Subject: Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
Topic: Digital companions
Session duration: 2 Hours

Course OverviewEntry Requirements

  • All participants must have some competency in IT skills.
  • Delivery of this course is through digital methods so it is essential participants are able to engage fully with this process.
  • Access to a range of websites and digital tools will be needed.

At the end of the session learners will have:

  1. An understanding of why people are not online
  2. Understanding how to be safe online
  3. Essential attributes required to be a successful Digital Companion
  4. Examples of what people may require help with
  5. Example Tasks:

    Within this course learners will have an opportunity to work with each-other to develop and test their communication skills. Activities include working as pairs to discover and research personal interests using our ‘Companion cards’, to practice communication.