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Course Title: Meeting the Digital Demands of Universal Credit

Subject: Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
Topic: Meeting the Digital Demands of UC
Number of session: 1 x 3 hour session

Course Overview

This course is appropriate for volunteers or staff who would like to develop a better understanding of supporting people to get online, specifically when dealing with Universal Credit applicants. With many government services turning to a digital by default model, many people in Wales lack the basic skills to be able to manage and apply for government services such as Universal Credit.  We will cover the basic digital skills necessary to be able to complete a universal credit application; for example filling out forms, managing data online and a portion of the session will discuss the impact of financial inclusion and using digital tools to support this. As a project  we are unable to provide  training for the specific elements of Universal credit applications such as Verify or supporting documents for job centres.  During the session learners will gain a better understanding of the importance of digital inclusion.  The course will also cover online safety tips when supporting people online.

Entry Requirements

  • All participants must demonstrate some competency in IT skills in order to attend this session.
  • Delivery of this course is through digital methods so it is essential participants are able to engage fully with this process.
  • Access to a range of websites and digital tools will be needed.

At the end of the session learners will:

  1.  Know what is meant by digital inclusion.
  2. Understand the need to improve the digital inclusion skills of adults and young people.
  3. Understand the barriers that may prevent a person engaging with digital inclusion and therefore the ability to overcome these barriers and use digital tools.
  4. Understand the wider digital skills required to complete a Universal Credit claim.

As a result of the training learners will have

  1.  Access to a range of resources to help you deliver digital inclusion support.
  2. An understanding of sources of online safety information.
  3. Knowledge of appropriate behaviour when supporting others to get online.

Example Tasks

The sessions focus on a variety of digital tools and techniques, and activities including understanding issues around digital inclusion, discovering ways to meet your clients’ digital inclusion needs and an opportunity to demonstrate one to one support, We embed the use of various digital tools and resources to help you build up a body of interactive resources you can share you can share with others.

One of the tasks that we will carry out during the session is filling out a dummy online form to replicate the forms that are required when applying for Universal Credit.