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Course Title: Using health and wellbeing apps

Further information on the specific training we provide

Subject: Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
Topic: Using Health and Wellbeing Apps
Session duration: 3 Hours

Course Overview

This unique course is appropriate for staff and volunteers who would like to develop a better understanding of digital health. With many digital health apps and websites available, this course will introduce participants to a number of them highlighting how to access quality health related information. The session will also explore some health apps that could be used by participants with patients or service users to improve or manage their health conditions.

Entry requirements

  • All participants must have some competency in IT skills.
  • Delivery of this course is through digital methods so it is essential participants are able to engage fully with this process.
  • Access to a range of websites and digital tools will be needed.

At the end of the session learners will have:

  1.  An appreciation of the range of digital tools available and how they could be introduced into working practices as part of patient support.
  2.  A better understanding of the range of apps that are available for physical and mental wellbeing.
  3. An Understanding of finding good quality health information online by improving their critical thinking skills.

Example Tasks:

Tasks will involve the use of digital tools and techniques for digital health and wellbeing, apps for use with co-workers, volunteers and end users. We explore how to embed the use of various digital tools and resources to help you build up a body of support and knowledge you can share with others. For example, we will download apps and reviewing them as a group. We will also use critical thinking, learners will be split into pairs and given a fact, they will need to use their critical thinking and online skills to determine if it is true or false.