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Workshop: Inspiring digital activities

Further information on the specific training we provide

This unique course is appropriate for staff and volunteers of organisations supporting individuals in within the healthcare industry who would like to develop a better understanding of using digital tools to engage and inspire the people they are supporting to consider technology and the internet. There are many digital tools and applications available to help people manage their health, organise their appointments and for enjoyment available! We will consider the fun and interactive use of virtual reality headsets, apps and websites for mobile technology and using smart speakers like amazon’s echo dot! The session is hands on and gives participants freedom to experience technology that they may not have the opportunity to use before, it develops a better understanding of using digital tools to engage with the people they are supporting.

Digital Communities Wales is a Welsh Government Digital Inclusion project with an aim to improve people’s lives through digital engagement and inclusion.
The training session can run from 1 hour to 3 hours. Contact the team for more details

illistrated people working at computer screens