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Disability Powys uses technology to keep people connected

Disability Powys has been working with people aged 50+ who have a disability or long-term health condition to explore how technology can improve their well-being.


Disability Powys is a key partner in the Connected Generation project. The project is building a Powys where all older people are valued, connected and thriving. The partners are helping people overcome isolation and regain independence, especially when they’re housebound or unable to leave their home on a regular basis.


Sue Pascoe is the Disability Powys representative on the Connected Generation project. She took part in training run by DCW and was able to borrow digital equipment to try out with her clients.


Sue says:

“I worked with an 87-year-old lady, who lives in her own apartment with her daughter and son-in-law.  She very much wanted to maintain her independence whilst living within the family home, and was interested in trying different ways to contact family members, both to catch up and in an emergency.  I suggested that she try the Echo Dot in her apartment.  I showed her how it could be used to make telephone calls just by asking, “call ………….”  so she could call her daughter or son-in-law in the other part of the house if she needed help.

“Unfortunately given the layout and construction of the part of the home she lived in, the device wasn’t always reliable.

“However, using the Echo Dot inspired one of her daughters to give her an iPad and show her how to use it – this has been a real success. Her connection to the rest of the family is stronger as a result and she isn’t reliant on her daughter passing on updates.  Using the iPad, she can now Facetime her two sons who live abroad. They’ve given her tours of their homes and gardens which she has never seen. She has also been able to watch videos posted by one of her sons, which she really enjoys and helps her keep in touch with what he is up to.

“Her confidence in using the internet has significantly increased and she is happy to order items online on a regular basis. As a keen gardener, she’s able to check the weather forecast. She also uses it to find her favourite music.”

DCW Advisor Matthew Bevan commented:

“This is a great example of how technology can help people maintain their independence within their own home. It is fantastic to see how Disability Powys has used the loan equipment to inspire people to start using technology at home to support their everyday needs.”