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Digital accessibility

A man using a hearing aid uses a mobile device while a child watches.Our digital accessibility training helps people understand how to make their devices more user friendly. There are many great in-built accessibility features and apps available for device accessibility. Understanding how to make a device accessible is an important barrier to overcome to access online services and digital tools.

If you would like to discuss your training needs, or find out more about the sessions we have on offer, please contact us and one of the team will be in touch.

Digital accessibility resources:

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Ability Net

Learning Disability Wales

RNIB: Technology for Life

RNID: Technology and products

Vision Support

Sight Cymru: Digital Inclusion

Sight Life: How can we help?

Disclaimer: We do not recommend one app or website over another and appreciate that there are many other options available to online users. Your use of an app or website is at your discretion, and we cannot be held responsible for any issues encountered throughout a participant’s usage.