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Digital Inclusion Charter

The Digital Inclusion Charter is for organisations in Wales which are promoting basic digital skills and helping people get online. Since the launch of the Charter hundreds of organisations have signed-up.

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What is the Digital Inclusion Charter?

The Charter exists to support and champion organisations working in the public, private or third sector in Wales who are willing to promote basic digital skills and help people get online.

The Charter includes six pledges and is a way for organisations to show their commitment to helping digitally excluded people enjoy the benefits of being online – particularly older people, people with disabilities, unemployed people, social housing tenants, families in poverty and ethnic minority communities.

When you sign the Digital Inclusion Charter, we are asking you to commit to the six key pledges – allowing us to work together in the spirit of co-operation to promote digital inclusion in Wales. We will support you in developing and delivering those commitments through the Digital Inclusion Charter Accreditation process. Find out which organisations have signed the Digital Inclusion Charter and gone on to achieve Accreditation status here.

Charter Pledges

1. We ensure that all our staff and volunteers have an opportunity to develop basic digital skills, and that they take advantage of this opportunity.

2. We ensure that digital inclusion principles are embedded into our day-to-day activities and we support the role digital tools have in managing health and wellbeing.

3. We encourage and support our staff and volunteers to help other people to get online and have the confidence to develop basic digital skills, and help other organisations to embrace digital tools.

4. We commit support and resources for digital inclusion activities and initiatives in Wales in whatever ways we can, to ensure every citizen can engage digitally (if they choose).

5. We share best practice and activity around digital inclusion with the Digital Communities Wales – Digital Confidence, Health and Well-being programme so that our activities are co-ordinated for maximum impact and measured consistently.

6. We look to build local partnerships amongst organisations which want to share ideas and co-ordinate activities with others in their area.

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Who's signed the Charter?

Who has gained Charter Accreditation?