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From Inclusion to Resilience: an Agenda for digital inclusion

The Digital Inclusion Alliance for Wales (DIAW) has set out five approaches which it feels are essential to making Wales an exemplar for digital inclusion

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A graphic image of a female and a male cartoon character interacting with oversized technology. The female interacts with a large touchscreen device, displaying a social media website. The male is sat on a chair with headphones on and a laptop on his lap. There's also a large camera, smart speaker and photograph icon.

DIAW is an umbrella group of organisations committed to taking joint action to significantly shift the digital inclusion agenda in Wales. Part of the Digital Communities Wales programme, it is an open, informal network of individuals and organisations with a firm commitment to social justice and equality.

Its digital inclusion Agenda, ‘From Inclusion to Resilience’, sets out how Wales can make progress on this pressing and urgent issue. It identifies five priority areas in the mission to ensure that everyone in Wales, who needs to and wants to, can access and benefit from the internet and digital technology.

  1. Embedding digital inclusion across all sectors
  2. Mainstreaming digital inclusion in health and social care
  3. Addressing data poverty as a key issue
  4. Prioritising digital skills in the post-Covid economy
  5. Setting a new minimum digital living standard

Watch Professor Hamish Laing, Chair of the Alliance, introduce the Agenda…