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Palmerston Adult Community Learning Centre

Digital inclusion is one of our organisation’s main goals.

Our organisation’s Digital Vision is:

  1. Digital technology is a natural part of all our lessons and enriches the learning experience.
  2. Our technology meets the needs of all our learners and staff.  It is fully accessible and available bilingually.
  3. We explore new technology and different ways of doing things to keep our lessons fresh and up to date.
  4. We ensure all our learners and staff have the digital skills and confidence they need to succeed in everyday life and in work.

We are committed to support individuals in building the skills needed to live in an increasingly digital world.  We target those who may be otherwise disadvantaged as they may be living on benefits, may have mental health problems, or are over 50 but not yet eligible for state pension.  We signpost those who do not fit our eligibility criteria to other organisations who may be able to help.

We offer support in the form of digital skills classes to develop the skills needed for safe digital interaction.  Our commitment means that we take our classes out into the community to enable easier access to those whose need is greatest and work closely with other organisations to identify that need. We use learner feedback to ensure that what we teach is appropriate.

We believe that no learner should be excluded due to lack of digital equipment, so where necessary, we loan devices and the tools to get online.  We also provide free data to those who cannot afford the cost of getting online.

We are committed to ensure that all staff have the necessary skills themselves and can offer support to their learners where necessary.  We do this by offering regular training sessions and easy access to our digital skills classes.