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Digital devices and support available for sheltered housing residents in Wales

If your sheltered housing scheme would like to borrow tablet devices for the benefit of residents, please download the form below.

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Digital Communities Wales works with organisations to promote digital inclusion and confidence across Wales.  One of the ways we do this is via the loan of digital equipment such as laptops and tablets alongside digital skills training. During the current pandemic access to a digital device has been crucial to be able to keep in contact with friends, family and health professionals.

Welsh Government has provided additional funding to loan digital equipment to priority organisations due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have already distributed 1,051 tablet devices and data packages to adult care homes across Wales.

Welsh Government has requested we support and distribute tablet devices with connectivity to sheltered housing residents across Wales. The equipment is loaned and digital skills training is provided by Digital Communities Wales free of charge.

If your sheltered housing scheme would like to loan tablet devices for the benefit of residents, please download the below form and return to

Download here

The closing date for applications will be Sunday 18th October


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Application Process:

  1. Organisations need to demonstrate that the tablets will be used to improve the digital skills of the residents you support and not for staff purposes. Examples may include contacting family and friends, accessing health services, learning or to reduce isolation and loneliness.
  2. Amount of equipment loaned is dependent on your proposal but also on the amount of kit we have available; a maximum of 5 devices per establishment.
  3. The loan period will be agreed between both parties and stated on the loan agreement form.
  4. Proposals will be assessed, and loan awards issued on a fair and equitable basis across Wales.
  5. The closing date for applications will be Sunday October 18th. 

Our Responsibilities

  1. We offer a wide range of digital inclusion training which is available at any time for your organisation. To ensure your residents get the most out of the equipment we will run a training session or a set-up session upon delivery of your equipment.
  2. We will ensure the kit is ready for use and will support you throughout the loan period should you need it.
  3. We will support you with information on funding options to purchase your own equipment should that be something you would like to do.

Your Responsibilities

  1. The equipment loan is subject to you agreeing to the loan conditions which can be found on the final pages of the application form. Please read them before completing the form. The conditions include the requirement for any lost or stolen equipment to be replaced by you.  However, if this will prevent progress and delivery please discuss this with your DCW contact.
  2. We want you to share the impact the equipment has made for your residents. We ask that you share information with us on the numbers of residents supported and the impact the device has had. We want to learn from your experience so others can benefit.
  3. You are expected to use the equipment for the intended purposes. Should the intended purpose change you must inform us and possibly return the loaned devices.


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