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Report: Digital inclusion in Wales (Wales Co-operative Centre, 2016)

Front page image of the Wales Co-operative Centre Report - Digital inclusion in Wales 2016

Digital inclusion in Wales
Perspectives on why it matters and what still needs to be done.

Published – 10/2016

Read the report (PDF)

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And while much progress has been made over the years to include more and more people in the digital world in Wales there is still more to be done.

Alan Davies, CEO, Farmers Union of Wales

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We should be mindful that digital solutions impact positively on many aspects of our lives but are not a replacement for human interaction.

Ceri Jackson, Director, RNIB Cymru

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Our primary challenge is getting people into work – work with a decent rate of pay. That is almost impossible, these days, without computers.

Christine Gwyther, Lead Poverty Intervention Officer, Pembrokeshire