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Louise Blackwell, former Community Development Officer at ClwydAlyn housing association, explains how digital has improved the quality of life of the vulnerable people ClwydAlyn supports.

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ClwydAlyn is a housing association that supports a wide range of people and their needs. With ‘together to beat poverty’ as their mission statement, the charitable organisation provides general needs accommodation, as well as running sheltered housing schemes, rough sleeper shelters, supported living schemes, extra care schemes and older generation support.

Louise said:

“From rough sleepers to young people, older people, single-parent families and those with extra care needs, there’s a wide variety of people that we serve.”

Although the needs of the older and vulnerable people ClwydAlyn support vary, their work towards digital inclusion has improved the quality of life for their residents, whatever their background.

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As it’s such a diverse cohort of people that we work with, their needs vary. Some of our residents are struggling to get into work, but using digital can help them with this, whether it’s attending interviews online or completing job applications. Whereas our older residents are more interested in using technology to keep in touch with their family and friends and to use technology for enjoyment.

Louise Blackwell

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Digital can be overwhelming at first and use of complicated jargon can also put people off. It suggests that ‘technology is not for me.’ Digital technology is for everybody and being able to use digital is invaluable. It’s important to be inclusive.

Louise Blackwell