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Digital connectivity in care homes

We are aware that digital connectivity within care homes could be improved so we have listed links to information we are aware of that may help you.  The links are external, so we are not responsible for the content.  Also, some of the information has been produced outside Wales so not everything will apply.

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Welsh Government Digital Standard for Care Homes

Welsh Government have developed a high-level network connectivity expected standard document.  This is a technical document that sets the base for expected connectivity within your home.  This could be used by your home as a guide when scoping connectivity improvements with suppliers.

Digital standard for care homes

Internet connection deals for care homes

NHS X (the digital department of NHS England) has produced a webpage to support improved connectivity for care homes. We have checked with some of the suppliers to see if they are available in Wales and as we understand most are.

Choosing an internet connection

Grant availability

Grants are available to support the cost of installing new gigabit-capable broadband connections.

Welsh Government support/grant for private business broadband (new connection only)

UK Government support for rural private businesses and homes