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Digital Inclusion Alliance Wales Steering Group

Digital Inclusion Alliance Wales is pleased to welcome the members of our new Steering Group

Find out more about the DIAW Steering Group

Find out more about the DIAW Steering Group

The Steering Group will be guiding the work of the Digital Inclusion Alliance Wales, keeping our focus on the 5 priority areas identified in DIAW’s Agenda for digital inclusion, ‘Inclusion to Resilience’, and influencing and effecting change to really shift the digital inclusion agenda in Wales.

The members are:

The logo of Swansea University. It reads 'Swansea University, Prifysgol Abertawe'.

Hamish Laing

Swansea University

The logo of Innovate Trust. It reads 'Innovate Trust'.

Ashley Bale

Innovate Trust

The logo of Dwr Cymru. It reads 'Dwr Cymru, Welsh Water'.

Paula Burnell

Dŵr Cymru

The logo of DVLA. It reads 'Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency'.

Simon Cromwell


The logo of Monmouthshire County Council. It reads 'monmouthshire sir fynwy'

Cath Fallon

Monmouthshire County Council

The logo of Perago. It depicts a stylised dragon.

Dave Floyd


The logo of Older People's Commissioner for Wales. It reads 'Comisiynydd Pobl Hyn Cymru, Older People's Commissioner for Wales'.

George Jones

Older People's Commissioner for Wales

An image of the Digital Communities Wales logo. It reads 'Cymunedau Digidol Cymru, Hyder Digidol Iechyd a Lles', 'Digital Communities Wales, Digital Confidence, Health and Well-being'.

Jocelle Lovell

Digital Communities Wales

The logo of Centre for Digital Public Services. The logo is an outline of a 'D'.

Simon Renault

Centre for Digital Public Services

The logo of WCVA. It reads 'WCVA, CGGC'

Sara Sellek

Wales Council for Voluntary Action

The logo of BT. It reads 'BT'.

Nick Speed

BT Group

The logo of Good Things Foundation. It reads 'Good Things Foundation, Improving lives through digital'.

Emma Stone

Good Things Foundation

The logo of Disability Wales. It reads 'Disability Wales, Anabledd Cymru'.

Elin Williams

Disability Wales

The Steering Group will be working alongside the DIAW Network, which is open to any organisation to join.  If you’re interested in being a part of a collaborative movement to tackle digital exclusion, please join us.

Join the DIAW Network
A photograph depicting a network. In the photograph there are multiple different coloured counters, with lines drawn between them.