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Monmouthshire Building Society becomes the first financial institution to sign the Digital Inclusion Charter

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This groundbreaking collaboration marks Monmouthshire Building Society as the first financial institution to wholeheartedly embrace the Digital Inclusion Charter, affirming their dedication to increasing digital inclusivity in the financial sector.

Digital Communities Wales work with organisations to advocate for digital empowerment, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background has equal access to the digital world. The Digital Inclusion Charter exists to support and champion organisations working in the public, private or third sector in Wales, who are willing to promote basic digital skills and help people get online. The Charter includes six pledges and is a way for organisations to show their commitment to helping digitally excluded people enjoy the benefits of being online. By signing the Digital Inclusion Charter, Monmouthshire Building Society is making a commitment to upskilling its colleagues and members, equipping them with the digital skills needed to thrive in an increasingly digital society.

Eve Wilkins, Chief Customer Officer at Monmouthshire Building Society, expressed her enthusiasm for this transformative partnership, stating, “We believe that financial inclusion goes hand-in-hand with digital inclusion. By joining forces with Digital Communities Wales, we are taking significant steps towards creating a more accessible and inclusive financial landscape in Wales. Our goal is to empower our colleagues and members with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the digital world confidently.”

Monmouthshire Building Society will embark on a comprehensive program aimed at upskilling its workforce and providing valuable resources to its members. The initiatives will include digital literacy training, workshops, webinars and access to digital tools and resources that will enable colleagues and members to embrace the benefits of digital banking securely.

Louise Niblett, Learning & Development Manager said, “It’s an exciting time for the Society as we develop and prepare to launch more digital services for our members. We want to ensure all colleagues have access to the right training, tools, and resources too, so we’re all comfortable with any changes to our ways of working”

As the financial industry continues to evolve in the digital age, Monmouthshire Building Society is committed to ensuring that no one is left behind. By embracing the Digital Inclusion Charter, the Society is taking a significant stride towards creating a more inclusive and digitally accessible financial environment for all.

Matthew Bevan, Digital Inclusion Advisor at Digital Communities Wales said, “It is fantastic that Monmouthshire Building Society has signed the Digital Inclusion Charter demonstrating their commitment to digital inclusion. I look forward to working closely with them to ensure their colleagues and members are able to learn new digital skills and access the online services they require”.

Organisations of all sizes in Wales are invited to sign the Digital Inclusion Charter to show their commitment to helping digitally excluded people enjoy the benefits of being online. After signing the Charter, Digital Communities Wales work with signatories to develop and deliver on their commitments through the Digital Inclusion Charter Accreditation process. Sign the Charter or contact us to find out more.

Originally published by Monmouthshire Building Society.