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Digital Inclusion Alliance Wales

Digital Inclusion Alliance Wales (DIAW) brings together organisations from across Wales that are working together to make Wales a digitally-inclusive nation. With over 100 members, the Alliance comprises public and third sector organisations, private sector companies and academia, all focused on ensuring that everyone who wants to in Wales is able to access and use digital tools and technologies in their everyday lives and has the confidence to do so.

Being a member of the Alliance represents an opportunity to participate in and shape the delivery of an innovative initiative that inspires digital inclusion action.

If your organisation has great ideas or experience in improving digital inclusion or just wants to learn what others are doing, why not join us?  Please follow us on twitter @DIAWales or email us at for more information.

The Network and the Steering Group

The Alliance is made up of a Network and a Steering Group. The Network and the Steering Group work alongside each other under one banner, utilising each other’s strengths, in order to create a movement which is focused on both the end user and the higher-level strategy.

The DIAW Network is open to all organisations working on digital inclusion in Wales

Steering Group members lead the Alliance to ensure Wales becomes an exemplar in digital inclusion

From Inclusion to Resilience 2nd Edition: an agenda for digital inclusion

DIAW has published an agenda which outlines our five key priority areas.  These are:

Priority 1 - Embedding digital inclusion across all sectors Priority 2 - Mainstreaming digital inclusion in health and social care Priority 3 - Addressing data poverty as a key issue Priority 4 – Prioritising essential digital skills for work and life in the economy Priority 5 - Implementing a new minimum digital living standard

We use these priority areas to focus our discussions and our actions, to ensure that we are all working together towards common goals.