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Digital volunteers

Digital volunteers are playing a crucial role in helping people get online in Wales. Digital Communities Wales is looking for people with basic digital skills who want to help other people benefit from digital technology.

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A photograph of an older man sitting next to a younger man, who is a digital volunteer. They're both sat at a desk in front of a computer while looking at the desktop monitor.

What are digital volunteers?

A digital volunteer is someone who freely offers to help other people get online and use digital technology. They aren’t paid, but give up their time to pass on their digital skills.

Digital volunteers are people who have basic IT skills and the time, patience and enthusiasm to pass them on.

Why do we need digital volunteers?

There are still 180,000 people in Wales who don’t have the skills, access or motivation to use the internet. The best way to reach these people is often through volunteers.

Our digital volunteering programmes

Digital Communities Wales runs three digital volunteering initiatives.


Digital Champions

Sometimes, they are people who are new to volunteering but want to pass on their digital skills. They might already be a member of staff or volunteer with youorganisation and want to develop their digital skills. Champions often work in libraries, in hospitals, care homes or with housing associations, helping people one-to-one or running small group sessions.

We can support people to become Digital Champions and make a real difference in your organisation. 

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Two older women and a older man sit in a row behind a desk all looking at a computer screen each. At the end of the row is a younger man, who is a digital volunteer, that is stood up and smiling.

Digital Heroes

Heroes are young people trained by Digital Communities Wales in schools or colleges who then work with older people to pass on their digital skills. The scheme brings together younger and older people to use and enjoy technology together. Welsh Bacc students can do the accredited Digital Heroes community challenge as part of their qualification.

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A photograph of an older woman sat at a desk using a computer. Either side of her are two female Digital Heroes, school pupils, who are helping her to use the computer.

Digital Companions

For a lot of people who are not online, the best person to help them is a trusted friend or family member who knows them well and can work with them one-to-one to overcome their fears and build their confidence. Digital Communities Wales can train and support people who want to help someone they know to use digital technology.

Become a Digital Companion
A photograph of a senior man sat down and looking at a computer screen. Squatting next to him is a younger man, a Digital Volunteer, who is pointing at the laptop screen.

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