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Digital Champions

Digital Champions are playing a crucial role in helping people get online in Wales. Digital Communities Wales is looking for people with basic digital skills who want to help other people benefit from digital technology.

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A photograph of an older man sitting next to a younger man, who is a digital volunteer. They're both sat at a desk in front of a computer while looking at the desktop monitor.

We know that the best way to reach communities experiencing digital exclusion is to work with the trusted faces and organisations that directly support them, and our support reflects this as we will work with organisations to ensure their staff and volunteers have the necessary skills to support others. 

Digital Communities Wales considers the varied scope of Digital Volunteering into two strands, workplace and community champions. A Digital Champion is a beacon for digital inclusion within their organisation and community. 

“If someone was considering volunteering as a Digital Champion, I would encourage them to do it as it is very enjoyable, you meet people, and you are doing something worthwhile.” – Paul, Digital Champion. Read more about Paul’s work in the Vale.

What are Digital Champions?

Sometimes, they are people who are new to volunteering but want to pass on their digital skills and help others online. They might already be a member of staff or volunteer with your organisation and want to develop their digital skills. Champions can work in libraries, in hospitals, care homes or with housing associations to name a few. They can support people one-to-one or by running small group sessions. 

We can support people to become Digital Champions and make a real difference in their organisation or community.

Why do we need Digital Champions?

There are still 180,000 people in Wales who don’t have the skills, access or motivation to use the internet. The best way to reach these people is often through volunteers.

Our digital volunteering programme

Digital Communities Wales runs one digital volunteering initiative. Digital Champions.

Digital Champions

Sometimes, they are people who are new to volunteering but want to pass on their digital skills. They might already be a member of staff or volunteer with youorganisation and want to develop their digital skills. Champions often work in libraries, in hospitals, care homes or with housing associations, helping people one-to-one or running small group sessions.

We can support people to become Digital Champions and make a real difference in your organisation. 

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