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Digitally Connected Communities – Health & Wellbeing

The internet is for everyone, but minority ethnic communities face more challenges than others to getting online. Digitally Connected Communities aims to change this, by supporting these communities to take advantage of everything digital has to offer.

A photograph of Melissa Denga, a college student, standing whilst smiling looking down at her smartphone.

Our exclusive pilot programme, which concluded in 2022, worked with organisations in Wales to help ethnic minority communities who are digitally excluded to overcome the barriers they face to getting online, opening up a world of online opportunities for these communities and bringing people together.

“The support from Cwmpas has been invaluable to deliver a training the trainer module in order for the community to feel empowered to teach others and become community champions. The fact that our learners are being taught by other women from their community helps them have hopes for their future. It also helps to overcome barriers such as language when learners can turn to teachers who can speak their language. The Cwmpas team have introduced us to different apps and shopping resources which save money and support our emotional and mental wellbeing.”

South Riverside Community Development Centre

“We were always very impressed by the organisation of the sessions, the expertise of the speakers and the useful information provided.  We would like to be involved in any other projects you organise and would put forward some of our members who could then support others in our community. Many thanks for the opportunity.” 

Iberian and Latin American Association in Wales 

The benefits of getting online

7% of people in Wales are not online. Whether discouraged by a language barrier or lacking confidence in their tech skills, there are many reasons why some communities struggle to access the internet. But as the world is becoming increasingly more digital, there are many benefits to getting online, including: 

  • Job hunting
  • Education and learning new skills
  • Saving money
  • Accessing important services
  • Staying in touch with family and friends

These are just some of the ways that accessing the internet can make life better for digitally-excluded people, but we need caring organisations to help these communities connect. 

How can my organisation help?

Looking to do some good? Digital Communities Wales (DCW) are excited to announce the Digitally Connected Communities – Health & Wellbeing programme for a new cohort starting in late April 2023. DCW aim to improve understanding of the use of digital health services and tools through this year’s cohort. 

Our exclusive online programme is searching for 10 organisations who work with ethnic minority communities to join. We know that the best way to reach the people at risk of being left behind is to work with the organisations and communities that directly support them. Our free package of support provides a great opportunity for staff and volunteers to improve their digital skills and understanding of the use of digital health services and tools, ultimately helping others to build their own. We believe the knowledge and skills gained through accessing training and resources will be beneficial for the representatives from those organisations involved to carry their daily work, but also to share with colleagues and benefitting the wider communities which they are engaging with.

What does the training programme look like?

Training is free for organisations taking part in the programme. The programme will run from April to July, consisting of four sessions. DCW will facilitate an online resources platform that will allow organisations to connect with each other, to share triumphs, signpost to useful services, strengthen collective knowledge, and build a strong support network for digitally excluded communities. 

Get in touch

For further information and to sign up to Digitally Connected Communities – Health & Wellbeing 2023 programme, please contact us.

Hear it from the communities themselves

Here’s how getting online has improved the lives of minority ethnic people in Wales…

If you have any questions about Digitally Connected Communities, please email or call 0300 111 5050.